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Zucchini is a great green vegetable. Good for the Diabetic person! It can be bought year round now. The best zucchini can be grown in your summer garden. Barb told me it can also be called a courgette as it is known in Britain and perhaps the USA.

Anyone who has grown zucchini has the experience " what do I do with all of them?"

It can be sliced fresh and used in a veggie platter with your favourite dip.

The zucchini can be sliced in small strips and fried in oil and garlic used as a vegetable for the dinner.

Many recipes use a variety of vegetables and zucchini is a good one to add.

If you are growing zucchini, it starts as a yellow flower that grows into the long vegetable. Pruning the zucchini plant is important and the flowers can be used.

 I am writing about two of my favourite dishes today.



Several zucchini.
Tomato sauce. Precooked. See my basic sauce or use a canned or jar of sauce of choice.
Bread crumbs (optional).
Parmeasean cheese.
Garlic bud or tow.
EVOO- tablespoon.


Wash the zucchini well.

Slice into long pieces.

Layer between clean tea towels or paper towels adding salt on each layer. The zucchini is very moist and this helps to take out the moisture.

Leave for a couple of hours.

Mix the egg and milk together.

Put bread crumbs on a plate.

Put the zucchini slice in the milk/egg mixture, roll and flip in the bread crumbs.

Fry in heated pan, flipping to cook well.

Layer in an oven dish putting the cooked tomato sauce on each layer. Salt and pepper to taste.

Top with parmesean cheese to taste and bake in the oven at 350 degrees F. until done. One-half hour to an hour.

Lately to save on calories and time, I usually make it now without the frying of the zucchini.

I simply use the zucchini pieces, layering with  the tomato sauce in an oven dish. Salt and pepper to taste. Of course, topping with the parmesean cheese, then bake.

It can be served straight out of the oven. However, if you let it sit before serving, the zucchini will absorb the sauce so it is not as runny.

When serving, cut into squares to suit the number of people you are serving.

Adolph's style-  if you use a large pan, you can make enough for more than one meal. Barb often takes a piece for her lunch the next day.

A fun summer recipe is the next one.


This is a fun dish to make. My children Natasha and Sonya used to love eating their Nonna's Zucchini "fish" as she would call them.


Zucchini flowers.
Vegetable oil.


Pick flowers from different plants as part of the pruning. Making sure to leave many behind so the zucchini will grow.

Wash the flowers well. Be careful when you pick them. One time when I picked flowers at dusk, they had closed up. I had put them in the sink in cold water. When Barb was helping me wash them, there was a buzzing as a bee was trapped inside one. Good thing it did not sting her as she is allergic to bee and wasp stings!

Dip the flower into some flour that was placed on a plate.

Dip a flower at a time into the bowl of the egg'/milk mixture.

Shake excess then fry in a heated pan with some vegetable oil of choice. Flip to make sure each side is done almost a little crispy.

Eat when warm.

If too oily, pat dry the oil with a papertowel.

There can be other uses for the versatile zucchini. I need to think and will probably add some other ideas in a summer post!!

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