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Friday, 2 April 2021


 We always included a blend of Canadian and Italian traditions at Easter.

A homemade pasta dish. Could be fresh egg noodles with a ragu sauce or lasagna.

Lamb with rosemary potatoes. Ham with pineapple slices. Sausage. Chicken breasts

A variety of vegetables. Rapini, carrots, corn, veggies and dip

Desserts with a bunny, easter theme.

An egg hunt for the grandchildren. Easter treats and a little money for them.

This year will be no Easter hunt due to COVID lockdown. Not a big gang at the table. Going to one home as I am allowed because I live alone.

Adolph always loved his canascione. Sonya made it for him last year. She has been trying many of her Dad's recipes.

This year she is making his homemade lasagna. Natasha is making some cookies and cupcakes.

So like any traditions they change as we go along. But mostly they are connected to family.

We make and eat food that our family members love.


Saturday, 27 February 2021



Roast with potatoes and gravy.

Muffins using up items in the fridge or freezer. Just made some with blueberries and apple!

Homemade sauce frozen to use in one person portions of a pasta dish. Tried some dried gnocchi lately but not as good as homemade then frozen ones. 

Hot coffee or tea with the ability to warm one's hands.

With March coming in next week, starting to see the tail end of winter or not.

Sometimes the Spring weather takes its time to find us.

I seem to like veggies more than fruit anyway. So fresh veggies or frozen add to a meal. I find if I can roast them with my oven meal makes for less work. Also roasted, more vitamins are maintained.

Veggies go well with an oven frittata! Nice hot meal with lots of nutrients.

Adolph's favourite.

So warm cooking continues unless busy with a project then a quick sandwich for dinner. Last night had liverwurst on rye bread with grape tomatoes. Hit the spot.

So has is your winter eating going?


Sunday, 31 January 2021


 Adolph liked simple cooking and regular menus.

However, he would get ideas from cooking shows as well.

Especially with seafood dishes. He liked new ways to cook it.

Usually though he would make a comment that he was not going to try something.

I enjoyed any new ideas or dishes. 

For me I just really miss his cooking.


Saturday, 2 January 2021


 New Year's Eve.

Chinese food with one family. 

Dessert with another family.

Wearing masks. Physical distancing.

New Year Day.

A platter of sandwiches. Finished my peppermint/chocolate ice cream. Some little cupcakes.

Well I needed the energy as I undecorated the house and put away all the Christmas decorations.

Left the outside lights up. They come down after Epiphany!  

I put away the new boxes of goodies on a high shelf. They will come in handy with mid-winter blues or if the little grandchildren can come by for a visit.

Cold weather brings the need for soup and stews and roasts with potatoes in the oven.

So good eating is still here.


Friday, 18 December 2020


 I bought myself a couple of seafood items for Christmas Eve.

Some scallops.

Some shrimp.

I may make Adolph's seafood appetizer. It gets lots of internet reads.

I may or may not make a seafood sauce for some pasta.

I am glad I have so many photos of Adolph's dishes.

So this year, simple just me. Remembering all the wonderful Christmas Eve times over the years with family.

The last couple of years it has just been Adolph and me anyway.

There are several posts on Christmas Eve seafood dishes on this blog so check them out if interested.



 Sonya made her Dad's struffoli. She adjusted the recipe to suit her cooking of the honey sauce.

Not bad for a first effort.

I think the family tradition will continue. Adolph's post was December 2012 if anyone wants to check it out.

House of Kerrs

You can check out her instagram and blog posts for other festive recipes.


Saturday, 12 December 2020


With Lockdowns and curbside pickup and outdoor eating, no way to go to a restaurant. 

So last week I did the Festive holiday meal with Swiss Chalet. Loved the stuffing and cranberry sauce. I had the chicken and ribs combo. It took me 2 1/2 days of meals to eat it but it was worth it. I even ordered the Coconut Cream Pie.

Yesterday I ordered the Holiday at Home special from Pizza Pizza. Three toppings on a medium pizza, three drinks and choice of dessert. So pepperoni, green pepper and olives, diet coke, nestle ice tea, and Peace peach iced tea- the better choice as the can is twice as big as the other two and funnel cake. As sides, the breaded cauliflower bites and 5 chicken wings. Creamy garlic dip for them.

I ate two wings, a few bites and one piece of pizza with my own glass of wine. Later the dessert watching some TV.

The best part was the funnel cake strips that I dipped in the caramel sauce. Not bad for a pizza place.

Too much pizza. So I bagged 7 slices individually and put in the freezer to eat over the next month or two. Or if the grandsons come to visit an easy snack to heat in the microwave for them.

Being single and no parties other than Zoom ones, ordering in meets a need. 

So many places have fun holiday treats and specials.

The big dilemma is what to choose next week?